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Can marketing and outreach be funded with a HUD grant?

Date Published: September 2016

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HUD Housing Counseling Program regulations and the Housing Counseling Program Handbook 7610.10 REV-5 permit the use of HUD grants for marketing and outreach. Grantees and sub-grantees will be reimbursed for marketing and outreach initiatives outlined in the applicable NOFA.

Marketing and outreach initiatives include, but are not limited to, providing general information and materials about housing opportunities and issues, conducting informational campaigns, advocating with lenders for non-traditional lending standards, and raising awareness about critical housing topics, such as fair housing rights and remedies, lending discrimination, predatory lending, mortgage fraud, lead safety, other fair lending issues, or energy efficiency options to reduce homeowner energy costs.

Marketing and outreach initiatives should follow affirmative marketing principles and be directed at those populations least likely to seek counseling services.

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