Is family reunification an appropriate referral within CE?

Date Published: August 2016

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Yes. In many situations, family reunification is an appropriate referral within coordinated entry (CE), provided that the family home is a safe and stable environment. Family reunification should be a primary referral option for youth under 18, where only a small percentage may be most appropriately served by an independent, safe, and stable housing situation, and many youth 18 and older will also benefit from family reunification services. The CE assessment process should consider family dynamics and the possibility of youth reuniting with family members or caring adults in a safe and stable environment; and “family” options should be broadly defined to include adults who may not be biological parents or biologically related, but whom youth consider to be family members. The CE process should also have access to family reunification service referral options, including non-HUD funded projects, for those youth who are identified as having the potential of returning home before entering the crisis response system or who may quickly exit with the assistance of family interventions. The need for access to family reunification and a broad array of family engagement services in the community is another example of why it is important for the CE process to be linked to mainstream services and other non-HUD funded services.

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