How does a CE process work for youth experiencing homelessness?

Date Published: August 2016

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A coordinated entry (CE) process standardizes and coordinates the way youth access the community’s homelessness crisis response system and connect with the appropriate resources they need to achieve safety and stability. The process should ensure that youth receive the housing and service supports they need to resolve their homelessness crisis as quickly as possible, with the lowest possible barriers. The CE process should be able to answer the homeless system’s guiding question, “Which housing and supportive services best meet the needs of each youth?” The core elements of this process include (1) access, (2) screening and assessment for housing and services, (3) prioritization, and (4) referral, and should be developed by each Continuum of Care (CoC) through a community-wide planning process.

View a chart of the guiding question, “Which housing and supportive services best meet the needs of each youth?” and its four key elements.

  • Step 1: Standardized access: Ensures all youth seeking access to their community’s homelessness system engage the system through the same coordinated and standardized process regardless of where or how they present for services.
  • Step 2: Standardized screening and assessment: Uses a standardized approach for all youth presenting for homelessness assistance to gather information on factors that can prevent and end their homelessness and inform the types of services and housing that meet their needs and strengths.
  • Step 3: Standardized prioritization: Ensures that youth with the most severe service needs and levels of vulnerability are prioritized for limited housing and other non-emergency homelessness assistance resources (does not include emergency shelter, basic centers, street outreach, etc.) that meet their needs.
  • Step 4: Coordinated referral: Ensures that youth can be referred to any homelessness dedicated housing and services for which they qualify and are prioritized for across the entire community.

For a more detailed explanation of the core elements of a CE process please refer to HUD’s Coordinated Entry Policy Brief and to HUD’s CoC 2.0 Training Material – Coordinated Assessment.

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