One of our IDIS users left our organization. How do we drop this person from IDIS?

Date Published: August 2016

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Your organization’s local grantee administrator can change the user's status to "Active," "Deleted," or "Inactive" on the second administration screen in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) (Page 2). This indicates the user’s access level for your specific organization.

In the future, a staff member who is planning to leave the organization should complete and submit the IDIS User Access Form, found on the HUD Exchange.

The user will place a check mark next to "Drop From IDIS" at the top of the form.

A Director, Acting Director, Manager, etc. will need to sign off on the request forms before forwarding them to the Field Office for approval. For individuals who have already left the organization submit the same form to your local Field Office.

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