Note: This FAQ relates to HMIS, CoC


For 7a.1 exits from street outreach: If a Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) street outreach project is serving a client who was in Emergency Shelter (ES) when they first contacted the client, should that client count in this measure?

Date Published: July 2016

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Yes. All clients assisted through PATH street outreach projects and entered in the CoC’s Homeless Managements Information System (HMIS) are included in this measure and should be treated like any other street outreach project for calculation purposes. PATH clients who are in ES when initially enrolled should still have their Destination data (data element 3.12) collected and entered in HMIS. If such client exits PATH and still remains in ES, this would be considered a positive outcome per the calculation. Ideally, PATH clients who are enrolled while in ES will be assisted to move to permanent housing by the PATH project and other local assistance sources. Keep in mind that it is possible for one PATH funded project to serve two separate populations of focus. In such cases, the PATH project must have two projects set up in their HMIS – one as a Street Outreach project type for the street homeless clients and another as a Supportive Services Only (SSO) project type for the sheltered or at risk homeless clients.

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