Successful housing placement does not seem like a fair measure, as it is dependent on local factors that CoCs cannot control (housing market, etc.). How can HUD expect project types that do not provide housing (e.g. street outreach) to report on successful housing placement? 

Date Published: July 2016

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HUD believes that housing placement is in fact a very important measure and also one that we have asked CoCs to measure even before the system performance measures. Our ultimate goal is, and has been, to help people exit homelessness to a stable housing situation. Keep in mind that “successful” for 7a.1 includes sheltered or temporary situations and not just permanent housing, while the latter two metrics—7b.1 and 7b.2—focus on permanent housing exits in a way that is familiar to CoCs already. We have seen communities with difficult housing challenges overcome the issue of limited housing affordability and availability to accomplish great things. That certainly is not to say that it is not a challenge, but this measure captures a critical set of metrics related to ending homelessness for households.

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