Measure 1 asks for data on ES and SH projects in a single row. Why is HUD including SH with ES data? Before SH was designated as its own housing type, SH projects were considered either TH or PSH. How does it now translate to an ES length of stay calculation?

Date Published: July 2016

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HUD is not lumping Safe Haven (SH) with Emergency Shelter (ES) but does include it in the first metric under Measure 1, Length of Time Homeless, because SH and ES are the project types that map to the chronically homeless definition. SH is a unique and important program model, and HUD understands that SH stays may be longer than ES stays. SH projects that did not previously reclassify as Transitional Housing (TH) or Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) are considered a form of shelter and people in SH projects are considered literally homeless.

Tags: CoC System Performance Measures