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I have several projects in my CoC that do not participate in HMIS, and that are not required by any funding source to do so. What impact will their lack of participation have on my CoC?

Date Published: July 2016

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HUD will take into account Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) bed coverage and data quality in reviewing the system performance measures, and while data collection and quality challenges will be considered in reviewing the measures, it remains a priority to have the most complete data as possible, both through high bed coverage and good data quality. As CoCs strategically plan to meet the needs of persons seeking homeless services, it is critical that they have information about all of their providers. Without data from all projects dedicated to serving persons who are homeless, the CoC will not be able to understand the systemic efforts to end homelessness in their community, or to present HUD with a complete picture of homelessness. Many CoCs have successfully been able to increase their system coverage by working with local or state funders to integrate HMIS into their requirements with agencies, or by creating local incentives for HMIS participation. Many CoCs have been successful showing providers that the data is useful to them - it helps them to better serve people and even get more funding. If a CoC would like more guidance on this topic, they should request Technical Assistance (TA) from HUD’s TA Portal.

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