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Several of the Performance Measures refer to “system-level” data. How does HUD define a system? Are SSO projects included? Are RRH projects included? What about projects funded by PATH, ESG, SSVF, VASH, and other funders?

Date Published: July 2016

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The concept of system performance is that all members involved with the effort of ending homelessness are coordinated to end homelessness. HUD believes that CoCs must see their efforts to end homelessness as a united effort. Most of the system performance measures rely on the use of Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data that reflects the full system of homeless assistance available in each community, and not just those projects that are CoC Program funded. If the project is of one of the types included in the measure calculation, it should be included, regardless of the funding source. CoCs and HMIS Leads should understand their current system, identify projects not participating in HMIS, and work closely with those projects to encourage their participation in HMIS, as they are a valuable member of the overall system of homeless assistance. HUD is aware that some partners are not anxious to participate in data collection and reporting, as well as other functions associated with HMIS. HUD encourages you to continue to work with them to show their participation is important. However, please note that victim service provider projects cannot be entered into HMIS. These projects must enter their data into a comparable database, and therefore will not be included in any calculation of system coverage.

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