Will I have to do a substantial amendment to my Consolidated Plan/Action Plan if I decide to transfer funds?

Date Published: July 2016

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This is likely. This will depend on whether your intended use of the program income will change from the use described in your existing NSP1 or 3 substantial amendment or your NSP2 proposal, and whether this change meets the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) requirements for a substantial amendment. The regulations at 24 CFR 91.105(c) identify a change in the use of CDBG funds from one eligible activity to another as requiring a substantial amendment. For example, a small amount of program income transferred from an existing NSP rehab program to an existing CDBG rehab program covering the same geography might not trigger a substantial amendment. Grantees should also review their citizen participation plans. The regulations at 24 CFR 91.105(c) and 91.505(b) require the citizen participation plan to specify the criteria the jurisdiction will use for determining what changes in the jurisdiction’s planned or actual activities constitute a substantial amendment to the consolidated plan.

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