Must Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) projects that receive both HUD-ESG and non-ESG funding count all program participants served or distinguish between program participants based on the funding source?

Date Published: June 2016

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It depends. If a recipient’s ESG RRH project has other funding in the project that is contributed to the same overall program that meets ESG requirements (i.e., those non-ESG funds would be eligible as match), then it is appropriate to set up the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) RRH project to include persons served by that non-ESG funding source and report those persons served on the CAPER. For example, if the provider has an RRH project that meets all ESG requirements and uses ESG to pay for rental assistance and funds from a foundation to pay for case management/support services (eligible as match), all persons would be reported - even those persons not assisted with ESG rental assistance.

However, if the RRH project includes non-ESG funds that are not administered in accordance with ESG requirements (i.e., funds that would not be eligible as match), then persons assisted with only those non-ESG RRH funds must not be included in the HMIS RRH project or reported on the CAPER.

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