Are separate projects required in a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) for single Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) projects funded by two different ESG grants, for example one from the city and one from the State?

Date Published: June 2016

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Yes. Projects that receive ESG funding from multiple ESG recipients must create separate projects in their HMIS for each funding source (e.g., ESG City-funded RRH and ESG State- funded RRH) to distinguish program participants for reporting purposes.

HUD recommends that recipients and subrecipients:

  1. Work together to design projects that use funds from one ESG recipient to support 100 percent of the ESG costs for each household; and
  2. Not provide ESG assistance to the same household with two different funding sources, if it can be avoided (e.g., providing 2 months of ESG city-funded rental assistance followed by 3 months of ESG State-funded rental assistance) – but rather fully fund assistance for fewer program participants with one source of ESG funding, and assist other program participants with the second source of ESG funding.

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