Title V FAQ

Our federal landholding agency has a property that must be removed off site; however, it may not be feasible to relocate. Should our agency make it available for off-site removal?

Date Published: May 2016

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When determining whether a property is feasible to relocate, at a minimum the following questions should be taken into consideration:

  • Is the property structurally sound to relocate?
  • Is the structure type (e.g., concrete foundation) a permanent foundation that will hinder relocation?
  • Will the property need to be dissembled?
  • Are there national security concerns that will hinder the transferee from accessing and removing the property?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, it is likely that relocation is not feasible. If the agency still intends to make the property available for off-site removal, for further guidance, please contact Juanita Perry at title5@hud.gov prior to submitting the Title V Checklist.

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