Title V FAQ

How can a homeless service provider submit an appeal request?

Date Published: May 2016

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A homeless service provider may use one of the following methods to submit an appeal request to HUD:

  1. Title5@hud.gov. Send an email to the Title V inbox and clearly describe the grounds for the appeal request and attach supporting documentation that can be used as evidence to support your claim.
  2. Title V toll-free number. Call 1 (800) 927-7588 and clearly provide your contact information and describe the grounds for the appeal request. HUD staff may instruct you to submit supporting documentation to the Title V inbox at Title5@hud.gov.
  3. Mailed appeal request. Send written appeal request with supporting documentation to:
    Ms. Juanita Perry
    Title V Lead
    451 7th Street SW Room 7266
    Washington, DC 20410

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