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What are acceptable forms of third-party documentation for documenting an individual or head of household’s history of residing in a place not meant for human habitation, emergency shelter, or safe haven?

Date Published: April 2016

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Acceptable forms of third-party documentation based on the recordkeeping requirements that were established in the Final Rule on Defining “Chronically Homeless” include:

  1. An individual record of a stay in an emergency shelter, a safe haven, or from a street outreach contact from an HMIS, or comparable database used by victim service or legal service providers;
  2. A written observation by an outreach or intake worker of encounters with the individual or head of household that includes a description of the conditions where the individual or head of household was living or is currently living;
  3. A written observation by a community member that has observed where the individual or head of household was living or is currently living; and
  4. A written referral by another housing or service provider.

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