CDBG Entitlement FAQ

Can Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds be used to fund broadband/telecommunications projects? If so, how?

Date Published: January 2016

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Yes. CDBG funds may be used to install wiring, fiber optic cables, and permanently affixed equipment such as receivers for areas to receive broadband/internet access. Eligible activities include:

  • The acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or installation of public facilities and improvements (which include infrastructure improvements) under 24 CFR 570.201(c);
  • Rehabilitation of privately owned buildings for residential purposes and non-profit owned, non-residential buildings and improvements not eligible under 570.201(c) under 24 CFR 570.202(a);
  • New housing construction carried out by a qualified Community Based Development Organization under 24 CFR 570.204(a);
  • The acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or installation of distribution lines and facilities of privately-owned utilities, which includes the placing underground of new or existing distribution facilities and lines under 24 CFR 570.201(l);
  • Digital literacy classes as a public service under 24 CFR 570.201(e); and
  • Economic development – grants/loans to for-profit businesses, particularly businesses that focus on broadband/Internet access and technology under 24 CFR 570.203(b).

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