May HTF funds be used to provide a computer room in a multifamily rental project?

Date Published: December 2015

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Yes. As part of new construction and rehabilitation costs of multifamily rental projects, the HTF rule at § 93.201(a)(4) states that HTF funds may be used for costs to construct or rehabilitate community facilities that are located within the same building as the housing, and which are for the use of the project residents. HTF funds cannot be used to pay for a computer room located in a separate building from the assisted housing.

While HTF funds may be used to construct a multi-purpose room that could serve as a computer room, HTF funds may not be used for the purchase of furniture or equipment.

If a multi-unit project does not contain 100 percent HTF-assisted units, then only a portion of the cost of a computer room may be charged to the HTF program because only the actual HTF eligible development costs of the assisted units may be charged to the program in accordance with the HTF rule at § 93.200(c)(1).

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