May HOME funds be used to make broadband internet connections to housing?

Date Published: December 2015

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Yes. As part of a new construction or rehabilitation activity, the HOME rule at § 92.206(a)(3)(ii) states that HOME may pay for the development costs to make utility connections, including connections from the property line to the adjacent street. This includes broadband internet connections.

However, HOME funds cannot be used for any off-site improvements, including running broadband internet cable or wires to the project site. Use of HOME funds is limited to the improvements on the project site, i.e., the land, owned by the project owner, upon which the HOME-assisted project is located.

Further, the HOME rule at § 92.205(d)(1) specifies that only the actual HOME development costs of the assisted units may be charged to the program. If a multi-unit project does not contain 100 percent HOME-assisted units, then only a portion of the cost of the utility connections may be charged to the HOME program. 

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