What happens when a tenant’s income increases such that their rent share is equal to the total contract rent?

Date Published: November 2015

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The RAC Part II Section 2.8 states:

An Eligible Family's eligibility for Rental Assistance Payments continues until the total Eligible Family contribution equals the total housing expense for the unit it occupies. The termination of availability at this point will not affect the Eligible Family's other rights under the lease nor preclude resumption of payments as a result of later changes in income or other circumstances during the term of this Contract.

When a tenant’s income increases to this point, the Rental Assistance Payments will cease. The tenant has the right to remain in place in accordance with their lease.

The Grantee should develop program policies that address:

  1. Whether the Owner will then provide the next available unit to the PRA Program;
  2. How the tenant may request a resumption of the Rental Assistance Payments if needed;
  3. How tenant can continue to receive services if so desired; and
  4. Other related policies.

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