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Are vouchers factored in when calculating Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) HMIS bed coverage?

Date Published: November 2017

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All tenant-based, sponsor-based, or project-based vouchers for permanent supportive housing for people who are formerly homeless (such as those funded through Shelter+Care, SHP, HOPWA, etc.) should be included in the AHAR. Those participating in HMIS and those that are not should be counted in the relevant PSH reporting category (IND or FAM) for Q1b and Q1c. The exception is for VASH beds. Please refer to FAQ 3028 for more details.

Some voucher projects can either serve more people (and therefore beds) or less than the original granted number of vouchers due to different costs of units than originally projected in the grant. This is expected, and for the purpose of AHAR, the community should allow this number to change accordingly. This number reported for AHAR will have no effect on a community's current or future grant and it will make the data in Q1 and Q2 cleaner and improve our national estimates.

Please refer to FAQ 1773 for more details on how to calculate this adjustment for voucher beds.

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