Does HUD require an assessment form or tool that our CoC can use?

Date Published: November 2015

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Although HUD does not endorse or require the use of any specific assessment form, tool, or approach, it has described some universal qualities that should be incorporated into any form, tool, or approach used by a Continuum of Care (CoC) for its coordinated entry process. See HUD’s Coordinated Entry Policy Brief for a full description of these qualities and criteria.

HUD recognizes the need for further guidance as both the process and the tools continue to evolve; therefore, some of the qualities reflected in the Coordinated Entry Policy Brief may be modified over time to reflect HUD’s evolving understanding of the assessment process and what is determined to be most effective. In February, 2015, HUD released a brief, “Assessment Tools for Allocating Homeless Assistance: State of the Evidence,” which summarizes the observations of a panel of experts on existing assessment tools that are being used by communities to allocate homeless assistance, and considers the evidence base for the questions included in the tools. The brief provides helpful context concerning what we know about the power and limitations of assessment tools currently available for communities to employ.

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