If our CoC chooses to create a separate coordinated entry process for victims of domestic violence, what should it look like?

Date Published: November 2015

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If the Continuum of Care (CoC) chooses to create a separate coordinated entry process for people fleeing domestic violence, including separate access points, that process must be developed in coordination with local victim service providers, adhere to the same requirements as the broader coordinated entry process, and be designed according to the qualities outlined in the Coordinated Entry Policy Brief, with the only difference being that it is targeted to individuals and families fleeing domestic violence. Any separate process must ensure that victims of domestic violence have equal access to homeless services and housing programs that are provided to those using the primary access point. One promising practice is to use a virtual domestic violence access point. Virtual access points include internet and phone-based systems (e.g. 211) that can quickly be accessed from any location where the household seeking assistance feels safe.

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