Is it permissible for a victim service provider to participate in their Continuum of Care’s coordinated entry process?

Date Published: November 2015

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Yes - HUD allows and actively promotes the full participation and integration of victim service providers into the Continuum of Care (CoC) coordinated entry process. The form this integration takes will vary by community, but the overarching goal is for individuals and families presenting to the homeless and victim services system to have full and complete access to the housing and service resources available through both systems. Specifically, HUD encourages CoCs to work with victim service providers within the CoC’s geographic area to establish client-driven, trauma-informed and culturally-relevant assessment and screening tools, as well as referral policies and procedures, to ensure that the coordinated entry process addresses the physical and emotional safety, and privacy and confidentiality needs of participants. This includes separate access points, if necessary and appropriate, and access to all available and appropriate housing options and related supportive services, regardless of whether the individual or family presents for intake at a victim services access point or at a more general access point.

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