Is there a model form for a live-in aide lease addendum, beyond just the required clause? How long is a live-in aide permitted to stay in the unit after the tenant passes away, goes to a nursing home, or otherwise departs?

Date Published: October 2015

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There is no model form for a live-in aide addendum. See the “NOTE” found in HUD Handbook 4350.3 Chapter 6-5 (A)(4)(g) for requirements for the live-in aide lease addendum. The live-in aide must not be included on the lease and does not qualify as a remaining family member. See 4350.3 Chapter 3-6 (E)(3)(a) or the Glossary for a definition of a live-in aide. The live-in aide must vacate the unit when the qualifying person vacates the unit or upon the death of the person for whom they were providing care. HUD will pay subsidy for up to 14 days when the qualifying member dies. No subsidy is available if the qualifying member vacates the unit for any reason other than death.

Rather than an Owner creating their own individual live-in aide addendums, the Grantee is encouraged to create a live-in aide addendum to the HUD Model Lease that is consistent with the guidance set forth in this FAQ and HUD Handbook 4350; this addendum can be used systematically throughout the state if there is a live-in aide in a household.

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