Since only those households eligible for the PRA Program are people with disabilities who cannot live in the community without the affordable housing and community based support services provided through the PRA Program, why is affirmative fair housing outreach needed to those least likely to apply necessary? Aren’t all of these households least likely to apply?

Date Published: October 2015

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Within any of the Grantees’ specific target populations, there may be subpopulations of persons who are “least likely to apply” to the program such as persons who have limited English proficiency, persons who have difficulty communicating because of their disability, and others. This Guidance asks Grantees to consider their target population(s) and determine whether there are subpopulations that, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or familial status, may be hampered in their ability to apply to the program and to develop special outreach strategies to reach these subpopulations. Grantees and/or their partners may already have such special outreach strategies in place, which can be included in the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan.

Tags: 811 PRA Program Requirements - Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan