Could the disbursement requirement for accessible dwelling units be met if the units in a building are set-aside for PRA supportive housing units and these units are located only on a particular floor of a building (e.g., only the first floor)?

Date Published: October 2015

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Accessible dwelling units must, to the maximum extent feasible, be distributed throughout a building or site so persons with disabilities are not segregated within a particular section of a building or site receiving Section 811 PRA assistance. Where Section 811 PRA is proposed to be used in an existing project where accessible units are located in a single building or on a single floor, grantees should consider whether it is feasible to redistribute such units in a manner that provides greater integration of persons with disabilities. If it is determined that redistribution is not feasible in an existing project, those units are acceptable in cases where the target population requires accessible units.

Tags: 811 PRA Program Requirements - Eligible Units