Must the Grantee be notified when an Owner has over-crowded or under-utilized units?

Date Published: October 2015

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Except at initial occupancy when overcrowding or under-utilization cannot occur, Grantees may determine their own requirements on notification from owners when units are over-crowded or underutilized. For example, if a Grantee is managing the transfer waiting list, it will be critical that the Grantee is notified when over/under housing occurs, so the transfer waiting list can be managed appropriately.

At initial occupancy, Owners and Grantees may not place a lower number of residents in a unit than allowed for occupancy by HUD Handbook 4350.3 Chapter 3-23 or another reasonable standard developed by the Grantee. For example, a single resident may not occupy a two-bedroom unit unless the second bedroom is required as a reasonable accommodation, e.g. for a live-in aide or medical equipment.

Tags: 811 PRA Program Requirements - Leases and Occupancy

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