When a Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) is executed with an Owner, do the total number of units listed on the Exhibit 1 of the RAC need to be vacant and ready to be leased to persons with disabilities?

Date Published: October 2015

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No. For example, a Grantee can enter into a RAC with an Owner for 10 units, of which only 3 units are available and ready to be leased when the RAC is executed. While units can be placed under a RAC in anticipation of their availability (turnover/completed construction), the PRA units need to become available in a reasonable period of time, generally 6-9 months. If the total number of PRA units identified in the RAC are not occupied in a timely manner, the Grantee must reevaluate the program and amend the number of PRA units on the appropriate RAC(s) to make certain that PRA funds are utilized timely to address the pressing housing needs of extremely low-income persons with disabilities.

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