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Housing Counseling FAQ

Does each group education session or course/workshop require its own file?

Date Published: March 2015

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Yes. Each distinct group education session, complete course, or workshop should have its own file and file number. The file may be electronic or a combination of electronic and paper. An individual file does not need to be established for each participant; however, the agency must also record participation in the education/workshop session or course in a client’s existing individual file, if any. The file must include the following items:

  • A file number for the education/workshop session
  • All required fields listed in the Interface Control Document (ICD)
  • An indication that the activity was partially or fully funded by a HUD housing counseling grant or sub-grant, when applicable
  • Course title, course outline, established curriculum and instructional goals
  • Name of each housing counselor, instructor, or presenter participating in the session
  • Date, place, and duration of each session
  • List of participants and their race, ethnicity, and income data for each household
  • The disclosure statement to be provided to each household that is relevant to the subject of the session
  • Cost of services: If applicable, the amount paid through client fees and a copy of the receipt provided to the client

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