Housing Counseling FAQ

What exactly are HUD reviewers looking for in client files?

Date Published: March 2015

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HUD verifies that all the information required in the "Recordkeeping" FAQ, What information should a client file contain? is included in the client's file. However, HUD is also examining files to get a sense of the counseling session(s). HUD wants to make sure the client was well-served and looks for documentation that indicates that:

  • The counselor identified the client's housing need or problem;
  • The counselor assessed the client's unique financial circumstances;
  • The counselor collected appropriate documentation;
  • The counselor offered appropriate advice and developed and communicated a realistic housing counseling action plan;
  • The counselor made reasonable efforts to follow-up with the client; and
  • The counselor noted the cause and date for terminating counseling.

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