Housing Counseling FAQ

Is there any time limit after last contact for termination of a client?

Date Published: March 2015

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HUD Handbook 7610.1 does not provide a specific time limit for termination of counseling, but client files must not remain open indefinitely. The counselor must make reasonable efforts to conduct a verbal (in person or via phone) follow-up session within the first 60 days of no client contact and record the date and reason for termination.

Causes for termination may include the following:

  • Client meets his/her housing need or resolves the housing problem.
  • Housing Counseling Agency determines that further counseling will not meet the client's housing need or resolve the client’s housing problem.
  • Client terminates counseling.
  • Client does not follow the agreed-upon housing counseling action plan.
  • Client fails to appear for counseling appointments or classes.

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