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Please clarify the reporting schedule for HUD-9902 form reports. Due to the cumulative nature of the report is it possible for a client to be counted more than once for the same counseling service during the fiscal year?

Date Published: April 2018

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The HUD-9902 form reporting period is based on the federal fiscal year, and is comprised of four quarters. The first day of the federal fiscal year is October 1, which marks the beginning of the 1st Quarter. Further detail on reporting periods and deadlines can be found in the HUD-9902 Reporting schedule.

The HUD-9902 form begins with the first day of the federal fiscal year and ends with the last day of the reporting quarter. For example, the Quarter 2 report should include all households receiving unique services from Oct 1 – March 31. If a household receives counseling in Quarter 1 and the household receives additional services of the same type in Quarter 2, the household should be counted only once in the cumulative Quarter 2 report because the household only received one unique counseling service during the Oct 1 – March 31 reporting period.

Please note, even if your agency was not approved by HUD for an entire year (i.e. your agency was approved by HUD in December), households served since the beginning of the applicable fiscal year should be included on the HUD-9902 for that fiscal year.

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