Housing Counseling FAQ

We are a Local Housing Counseling Agency (LHCA) but currently we are a sub-grantee of an intermediary for our HUD grant. On the new 9902 for the columns for Grant Funds and Annual Projection will we be entering this data for our agency or will the intermediary (grantee) be submitting that data?

Date Published: July 2014

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The grantee (in this case, the intermediary parent organization) is responsible for setting the annual projections for the target number of households to be served using the HUD grant funds. The grantee submits one set of projections representing the total target number of households whose counseling services will be charged to the HUD grant, including counseling services to be charged by all sub-grantees receiving funds under the HUD grant. These projections will only display on the grantee’s consolidated 9902, which is an aggregate report of all the individual 9902s submitted by sub-grantees. Projections will not display on sub-grantees’ individual 9902s, nor will sub-grantees need to enter any projections specific to their individual sub-grant in HCS.

As a sub-grantee, your agency will be responsible for submitting 9902 household numbers for counseling services your agency charges to the HUD Housing Counseling Grant in the “Actual, to date” column. Total data submitted by all sub-grantees will display in the grantee’s consolidated 9902 so the grantee can monitor its progress toward meeting the annual projections.

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