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Would a housing counseling agency be allowed to bill the HUD grant for online Homebuyer Education and count the client under the Education section on the 9902 (Section 8f) to get credit as an educated client?

Date Published: August 2018

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Housing education is generally an allowable expense under a HUD Housing Counseling grant. When this is indeed the case, grantees can seek reimbursement from HUD for the eligible costs not offset by consumer fees or other funding sources, if applicable, incurred involving the provision of web-based education. See specific NOFAs and grant agreements to determine if education is a reimbursable expense.

For the purposes of reporting counseling services activity via form HUD-9902, internet education, including internet education provided through a third party provider, should be counted as education. For example, web-based homebuyer education should be recorded in section 8f of form HUD-9902. To claim the web-based education activity, the counseling agency must be able to demonstrate that the client learned about and accessed the web-based education through the actions, for example marketing and outreach, of the counseling agency.

Additionally, one of the following bullets must apply:

  • The counseling agency created the web-based education system/program;
  • The counseling agency conducts the education and makes it available via web cast or Skype; or
  • The counseling agency has entered into an agreement with a third party provider of web-based education through which they can provide their clients access to the web-based education.

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