Housing Counseling FAQ

If an Intermediary or SHFA already conducted a Quality Control Performance Review of a network Local Housing Counseling Agency (LHCA) or sub-grantee, does the LHCA or sub-grantee still have to go through a HUD Performance Review?

Date Published: August 2014

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Yes. HUD conducts reviews of affiliates to ensure quality control and compliance, and to understand the needs of affiliates and sub-grantees. Going forward, HUD will invite the Intermediary or State Housing Finance Agency (SHFA) to attend reviews of sub-grantees, and affiliates, and will use the results of the intermediary quality control review of the affiliate as part of the HUD Performance Review to avoid unnecessary overlap.

Each Intermediary or SHFA is responsible for ensuring its network members are in compliance with HUD Housing Counseling program requirements.

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