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Why are Home Maintenance and Financial Management listed as one and not two different counseling services in the HUD-9902 form?

Date Published: April 2018

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The name of this counseling category corresponds with the HUD-approved counseling types outlined in HUD’s housing counseling regulations in 24 CFR Part 214. Post-purchase Counseling can be included in Section 9d, Home Maintenance and Financial Management for Homeowners (Non-Delinquency Post-Purchase). Home Maintenance and Financial Management are typical non-delinquency post-purchase topics. As indicated in the HUD-9902 form instructions and in the regulations, this category is designed to capture post-purchase counseling on topics such as escrow funds, budgeting, refinancing, home equity, home improvement, utility costs, energy efficiency, and rights and responsibilities of home owners.

Tags: Housing Counseling Program Agency Activity Report (9902)

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