Housing Counseling FAQ

Regarding Sections 8 and 9 of the HUD-9902 form, if a client is participating in a rental workshop and also receives one-on-one counseling on rental topics, should we report them in both sections?

Date Published: April 2018

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If a household received both group education and one-on-one counseling, then the household received two unique counseling services, and the agency will report the household twice - once in Section 8 for the group education service, and once in Section 9 for the one-on-one counseling service. The agency will also report the household in Section 10.a, and in any other applicable Section 10 categories. The household may have more than one outcome to report in Section 10.

Since the household was counted twice (in Sections 8 and 9), household demographics should also be counted twice in Sections 3 through 7.

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