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What form must be used to request to change the Voice Response System (VRS) Approving Official?

Date Published: July 2014

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The agency must complete two of the Line of Credit Control System (LOCCS) Access Authorization Forms HUD-27054: one to terminate the previous user, and one to approve the new user.

View the HUD-27054 Form.

This form can also be used to add a new user, reinstate a user, reset passwords, change a tax ID, resend a user ID, and/or change the name or address of an agency.

Also, when completing Sections 5 a, b, and c on this form, please enter the following information:

  • 5a. is CHC.
  • 5b. is Comprehensive Housing Counseling.
  • 5c. for the new user is “D” for Project Drawdown.

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