What are the Annual Performance Report (APR) submission requirements for Unified Funding Agencies (UFAs)?

Date Published: August 2015

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UFAs are unique for many reasons, some of which directly affect reporting requirements. UFAs receive two grants: one for all renewal projects, UFA costs, and Continuum of Care (CoC) planning funds; the other for new projects. UFAs are required to report on their outputs and outcomes for all projects. Because funding for several projects is combined in the single renewal grant it is important to clarify that UFAs are not required to submit a separate APR for each project. UFAs are required to submit at least one APR for each program component and subcomponent funded under the renewal grant. Program components include permanent housing, transitional housing, supportive services only, HMIS, and homelessness prevention as listed in 24 CFR 578.37(a). Program subcomponents for permanent housing include permanent supportive housing and rapid rehousing as listed in 24 CFR 578.37(a)(1).

For example, if a UFA has 10 renewal transitional housing projects, the UFA may submit a single APR that covers all 10 transitional housing projects. The UFA has the discretion to submit multiple APRs for each component, but HUD only requires that at least one APR be submitted that covers all of its projects for each component and subcomponent.

Currently, e-snaps produces a unique APR for each project submitted during a CoC Program Competition. To submit their APRs in e-snaps, UFAs must select one project per component. HUD prefers that UFAs submit all reporting data under the project’s APR that receives the highest amount of funding for each component type. The UFA should indicate in Q42 all of the project numbers that are being reported under that APR.

Per 24 CFR 578.103(e), UFAs must submit APRs within 90 days of the expiration of the grant. If any UFA believes it will not be able to meet this deadline, it may request an extension for good cause to the local HUD field office. HUD will determine if the request states good cause and if the requested extension date is reasonable.

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