What happens when a tenant's household size changes and they are no longer eligible for the unit size they currently occupy?

Date Published: August 2015

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As per 4350.3 Chapter 3-23 (H), the owner may require the family to move to a unit of appropriate size. If a unit of appropriate size is not available, the owner must not evict the family and must not increase the family’s rent to the market rent. See the following example: 

Atta and Kumari Gupta live in a 3-bedroom unit at Elmwood Terrace. The Guptas have lived in the unit with their three children for 12 years. However, all of the Gupta children are grown and have moved out of the family. Atta and Kumari Gupta no longer need a 3-bedroom unit and could move into a 1-bedroom unit. Elmwood Terrace has only 2- and 3-bedroom units. If a 2-bedroom unit becomes available, the owner may require the Guptas to move into the smaller unit, but must not require them to move out of the property. If the owner asks the Guptas to move into a 2-bedroom unit, the Guptas may choose to move into it and continue to receive assistance, or remain in the 3-bedroom unit and pay market rent. 

If the Grantee’s Tenant Selection Plan provides for inter-development transfers, the tenant may request and/or be offered a unit of appropriate size in another development. However, the tenant cannot be required to move to another development in a different location.

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