On June 25, 2014, HUD issued a Notice in the Federal Register about a change in the definition of Extremely Low Income (ELI). Does this apply to PRA?

Example: Can Grantees still use the income information from HUD User's FY 2014 Income Limits Documentation System to determine initial household income limits?

Date Published: August 2015

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Yes. Although the ELI definition in the FY 14 Appropriations Provisions changed, it will mostly affect applicable programs in the Federal Register that require income targeting. Since 811 PRA does not have income targeting (PRA applicants must be ELI in order to be eligible), states can use the 2014 ELI income limit when determining eligibility. The 2014 income limits were revised (and effective) on July 1, 2014 to account for the FY 14 Consolidated Appropriations Act that changed the definition of ELI, and can be found on the HUD Program Income Limits web page.

Tags: 811 PRA Program Requirements - Eligible Tenants

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