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Previously, it was possible to fund HOME activities. Now only the View option is available. How can the previous function be reinstated?

Date Published: August 2018

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The limitation to only "View" HOME activity funding may be the result of one or more HOME activities having been flagged for "Infrequent Draws for 12 months or more" or for being in "Final Draw for 120 days or more" status. Until these flags are cleared, IDIS prevents the Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) from setting up new HOME activities or committing funds to non-flagged activities.

To remove a flag for "Infrequent Draws" from an activity, the PJ must enter a reason for the lack of timely disbursements and a narrative explanation of the status of the project. In addition, the system requires the reason and project status narrative to be updated every 180 days until the project is either completed or cancelled.

For details about resolving the "Final Draw for 120 days or more" flag, please see HOME FACTS Vol. 5, No. 1.

Once the appropriate actions to clear the flags have been taken and the system applies the updates (normally within an hour), the PJ will be able to add and edit funding for HOME activities.

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