Is a PJ allowed to use a for-profit or nonprofit lender to administer its HOME homebuyer assistance program if that lender provides both the HOME financing and other mortgage financing to HOME-assisted homebuyers?

Date Published: November 2013

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Yes, a PJ may allow a nonprofit or for-profit lender to provide both HOME homebuyer assistance and other mortgage assistance to a homebuyer as long as the PJ has implemented the following safeguards now required by §92.254(e):

  1. The assistance is provided only as specified in a written agreement between the PJ and the lender. This agreement must specify the forms, amounts, and any conditions of homeownership assistance that the lender is authorized to provide.
  2. Before any HOME assistance is provided, the PJ must either determine the family's income-eligibility for HOME assistance itself, or must verify the income determination done by the lender or another party. The PJ also must inspect the housing for compliance with applicable property standards in §92.251.
  3. The for-profit or nonprofit organizations are not permitted to charge fees (such as origination fees or points) to the family for the HOME homeownership assistance that the organization provides. (Reasonable administrative costs may be charged to the HOME program as a project cost.) If the lender charges fees for the first mortgage (non-HOME funds), then the PJ must review these costs and deem them to be reasonable. These requirements are effective August 23, 2013.

These safeguards will ensure that there is not a conflict of interest, as the lender may have a financial incentive to provide HOME assistance to homebuyers potentially jeopardizing the lender's objectivity in assessing the qualifications of the buyer or the eligibility of a property for HOME assistance.

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