What types of activities qualify to use CHDO set-aside funds?

Date Published: November 2013

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CHDO set-aside finds may be used for projects that are owned, developed, or sponsored by a nonprofit that qualifies as a CHDO as defined at 24 CFR §92.2. Previously, these roles were limited to development activities—that is, projects that involved acquisition, rehabilitation, and/or new construction of housing for sale or rent to low-income families. However, the 2013 HOME Final Rule amended the definitions of these roles and now nonprofits can also own and manage HOME-assisted housing that it does not develop. CHDO set-aside funds may not be used for administering tenant-based rental assistance or downpayment assistance programs (except in combination with a development project in certain circumstances). HUD provides a detailed definition of the roles of owner, developer, and sponsor for rental and homebuyer projects in the HOME regulation §92.300(a).

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