When can States submit HTF allocation plans to HUD?

Date Published: June 2015

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As it has done in prior years, HUD will publish a Community Planning and Development (CPD) Notice for FY 2016 to instruct CDBG, HOME, ESG, HOPWA, and HTF grantees on the timing of the submission of consolidated and annual action plans. HTF grantees may not submit their HTF allocation plans to HUD for review and approval until the HTF formula allocations have been published. The earliest HUD expects to publish the HTF formula allocations is April, 2016.

It is possible that formula allocations for other CPD formula programs (CDBG, HOME, HOPWA, and ESG) will be available before HTF formula allocations are published. A State or State-designated entity that submits its annual action plan for these formula grant programs before the HTF formula allocations are published must submit its HTF allocation plan as a substantial amendment to its annual action plan, after the HTF formula allocations have been published.

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