CDBG Entitlement FAQ

My county inspection staff went to a training and came back saying CDBG was eligible to pay their salaries and operating costs. Is this true?

Date Published: May 2015

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The salaries and expenses of the county inspection staff may be eligible costs if they are carrying out code enforcement and inspections in CDBG-eligible areas. As the grantee you must be able to document CDBG funds are not being used for general government expenses and instead can be directly associated with code enforcement in primarily residential deteriorated or deteriorating areas where the enforcement, together with public or private improvements or services may be expected to arrest the decline of an area. Eligible costs under 570.202(c) and 105(a)(3) include the following:

  • The cost of conducting code enforcement inspections including salaries.
  • Related expenses of code enforcement inspectors, such as equipment, uniforms, and vehicles.
  • The cost of the legal proceedings that result from the code enforcement inspections, including staff costs associated with processing and issuing the citations, collecting and processing the fines, postage, and the cost of the hearing, including the salary costs of the hearing officers and associated legal fees.

The costs of these items should be appropriately documented and allocated by the percentage of time they are used for inspections and legal proceedings carried out for CDBG purposes in CDBG-eligible areas and for non-CDBG purposes. Additionally, the use of CDBG funds should also not be excessive in relation to the community’s overall enforcement program.

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