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How many months of bank statements does a client need to provide for CDBG assistance, and how do you calculate their assets if their balance is $0.00 at the time of intake?

Date Published: May 2015

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For CDBG, the number of bank statements is not prescribed in the regulations. This is a matter of local policy that should be described within your program guidelines and used consistently among all CDBG-assisted persons/families/etc. within the program. Many grantees collect a few months of bank statements, but the number varies across the country. Please also note that some banking accounts, such as savings, typically have a small amount of income earned on an account while other accounts, such as checking, may not earn any income. As a result, what you include will vary by definition of income as well as by type of account and institution.

There is no calculation of imputed income from assets, because there are no assets. 

Finally, because each person, family or households income situation is unique, we would recommend confirming your data and results by using the CPD Income Calculator.

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