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I have an activity in which we are assisting persons with disabilities with transportation services to places of employment. As not all persons would be defined as a person with severe disability in this case, we have to look at 51% of persons served as LMI. Should we qualify the client served by looking only at their income under a 1 person in the income limit category or do we have to look at the household income?

Date Published: May 2015

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For your activity to qualify under the low / mod income limited clientele national objective, you must require information on family size and income so that it is evident that at least 51% of the clientele are persons whose family income does not exceed the low/mod income limit. (This includes the case where the activity is restricted exclusively to low/mod income persons. Reference: 24 CFR 570.208(a)(2)(i)(B) and (C).

For public service activities, income status determinations are to be made for each person based on their family income. For activities involving the acquisition, construction or improvement of property for housing, income status determinations shall be based on the income of each household occupying the housing units. The definitions of family and household may be found at 24 CFR 570.3.

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