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When completing the SF-425 line 10a Cash Receipts should I include the total amount of funds received through IDIS drawdowns for the reporting period, including both EN and AD fund types? Or should I only include EN funds?

Date Published: May 2015

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Notice CPD-12-012: Submission of Federal Financial Report Standard Form 425 provides guidance for the Entitlement Communities, Insular Areas, and Non-Entitlement Counties in Hawaii under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program on the submission of the Federal Financial Report. The amount of funds received through IDIS drawdowns from the beginning of the reporting period through the end date of the reporting period plus the cash on hand at the beginning of the reporting period should be entered in line number 10a. This amount includes funds received (both fund types, EN and AD) for all CDBG activities including planning and administration. We recommend you use the IDIS PR07 report to calculate total cash receipts for the quarter plus prior quarters since the inception of the CDBG award. When running the PR07, be sure to select the report that reads Vouchers Submitted to LOCCS. You can enter a date range for the period. Review the IDIS Online Reports User Guide for additional information on IDIS reports.

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