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What rules govern unspent prior year income when reallocating in the next program year? Do the funds have to all go in housing community development or can they be split, within the caps between public service, administration and housing/community development?

Date Published: May 2015

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Compliance with the public service and planning and administrative limits is calculated separately for each program year. For this purpose, a grantee includes program income in these calculations based on the program year in which the program income is received. Specific guidance for determining compliance with the public service and planning and administrative limits is included in the Community Development Block Grant Program - Guide to National Objectives and Eligible Activities for Entitlement Communities, Chapter 2, Categories of Eligible Activities. For Public Services, the computation worksheet is found on page 2-27. For the cap on planning and administration, the worksheet is on page 2-77. 

In addition, a grantee must consider program income received as one of the resources available when considering proposed activities for an Annual Action Plan or amendment. If the program income received has not been previously designated to be used for a specific eligible activity, the amount program income available as a program resource must be part of the information provided to the public in the process of preparing an Annual Action Plan or amendment.

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